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Learn About Life, Support Life In Its Fullest.

Life is precious; on that, I think we can all agree. But we can also agree that many questions and arguments arise regarding life that are confusing to our understanding of what life is, when it begins, and just how valuable life--once it begins--really is. 

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Learn About Life 

As Benjimin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge is the best investment in yourself." Even though you may have some opinions on the subject, take a moment to learn a little more about the pro-life movement  -  it might just change your life. What do you have to lose? 

Questions With Answers:


Take Action to Protect Life

When you have a proper understanding and appreciation for the infinate value of life, you are willing to fight for it. A willingness to take action and protect the rights of life in its most inocent form: an unborn baby. 

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The fight for life doesn't end with Roe! Discover the ways you can participate in the Pro-Life movement. 


Prayer remains one of the most important ways that the pro-life community can fight for change and show love to women and children in crisis across America.

Print Out: Roe v. Wade: Understanding Its Overturning 

Print out a Portland Post exclusive resource and share it with your community!

Join/Start a Prayer Walk

With prayer in mind, join or start for yourself a prayer walk in your local community. Get out on the streets and show your community the love of Christ, praying for residents, handing out literature, and showing support. Be Warned! This may be an extremely  effective tool for evangelism. 

Participate in a Literature Drop

One of the most effective ways to share information of such importance remains handing out solid literature in person. However, be ready to combine that with informed discussion and