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Become a  Star CONTRIBUTOR

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Influence People With Your Writing

Becoming a Reformation Times contributor is guaranteed to significantly increase your influence as writer. 

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Grow a Following, Make a Difference

As you increase your writing and your influence, you will grow a following of dedicated readers. 

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Connect With Skilled Editors & Writers

Book live chats with Reformation Times News Editors to get valuable, personal information on how to take your writing to the next level. 

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Discuss the Topics & Issues That Interest You

Have a topic or niche that interests you? Stop wasting your time on social media. Start sharing your opinion with an audience.  

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Truly Enjoy the Craft of Journalism, On Your Schedule

Truly enjoy the craft of journalism and the pride of becoming a beacon of light in the world of political and cultural news analysis.

  • Become a Contributor For Free - Start Today!

  • Start publishing articles 

  • Recieve feedback from the editorial staff 

  • Subscribe to Contributor+

  • Publish nlimitedu articles 

  • Recieve unlimited feedback and in-person live chats with editorial  staff 

  • Gain exclusive access to contributor resources designed to help you achieve your goals

  • Connect with the editors and fellow contributors in the contributor forum. 

  • By-Pass the application process.

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