top of page on the brink of disaster.  The woke, leftist, socialist progressives are working night and day to fundamentally change our social, cultural, moral, and economic institutions - and they are succeeding. And this effort is aided by the simple fact that many Americans simply remain uninformed and ignorant. In classrooms, homes, churches, and the media, truth, traditional values, and fact-based information is a rarity, which has caused the mental decline of society. 

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...that something can - and must - be done for us to continue to experience the freedom that we have benefited from since our founding. And here at The Reformation Times, we have taken it upon ourselves to act upon this belief. Our mission is to inform thinking individuals - regardless of party affiliation - with fact-based news coverage and informed conservative opinion. More than that, we are currently working on content that is designed not only to inform the reader but to train and empower them to act on their beliefs. After all, our crisis is often one of sheer ignorance.

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...much more than just a political pundit - we have to be. The Reformation Times is a news & information site that produces content designed to Reform America, yes, but unlike other conservative news pundits, we believe that the only way to truly change the trajectory of American culture is to change individual hearts and minds with Biblical truth - Gods truth. That's why our content doesn't just deal with politics or just with religion  but binds the inseparable worlds together to produce the most effective "Reformation" content on the web. We have found our calling, but we need your help. Our subscribers are the backbone of the Reformation. Would you consider supporting us today? 



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